Friday, June 8, 2007


So I signed up to Facebook.

Why? Idle curiosity, mainly, but I've done many things because of that, so that's not too unusual.

My first impression are mixed, and thus so the are the following comments:

  • WTF is up with the "find friends in your address book" thing? Who though having facebook trawl my contacts list for people would be a good idea?
  • The interface is often clunky
  • "The wall" looks like an astonishing bad invention. It seems to want to be somewhere between a forum and a set of blog comments, but without the ability to compartmentalise into threads that make conversations manageable in either.
  • What people are willing to post on the wall is quite eye-opening at times
  • YA online status thingy to play with
  • Randomly searching for various people eats up a lot ore time than one would think
  • Finding the person you're looking for can be quite hard
  • Following links in various people's social networks is another dangerous time sink.
  • The temptation to push misleading information into "how one met" and such fields is quite strong.
Still, early days yet on my interaction with facebook. While unlikely to be something I have open all the time, I'll no doubt check it quite often.

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