Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cape Town VTES League, game 2

We held the second league game at the social at the Rondebosch Library.

5 players played in the league game.

The table setup was me, playing Kaisyd group 4 & 5

bleeding Richard, superstar deck with Lucian the Perfect,

bleeding Anthony, playing Evan's weenie CEL guns deck,

bleeding James, playing a group 2 !Nossie deck,

bleeding Evan, playing Malk 94.

I didn't see the Arcadian in my opening crypt, which is never ideal for the deck, but got off to a decent start, with an early Govern down and a Villein to help bolster my pool. Richard, with the aid of an early Zillah's Valley, had Lucian up early, and soon attracted the table's attention by bleeding Anthony for 9. Anthony played a Haven Uncovered on Lucian, and almost all of his attention rushing backwards, which left James free to tool up with little interference. James got an early Nossie Kingdom, which helped him build up. Evan gave me a little breathing space by Governing out a couple more minions, and then started to bleed seriously. With Richard not blocking me, I wasn't able to cycle stealth out of my hand, and so didn't draw enough bounce - it got so bad I rushed Lucian on the haven just to get a Earthswords out of my hand. I did manage to bounce a bleed for 6 onto Richard, and then followed that up with a couple of Govern bleeds for the oust, but was left with a hand full of action modifiers.

I was now up to 3 minions, but not great on pool, with 4 obf/dom bleeders upstream of me. James had gotten up to 3 minions, with Cailean out, and was gradually building up to a 4th, while Anthoney was stuck on 2. Anthony, worried about the bounce, proceeded to put down one of my minions, and then wasted a couple of rushes against James without much effect, as each was blocked by Cailean. I was able to bounce a significant bleed onto Anthony, but was not able to survive the Malk swarm long enough to captilise. Anthony rushed backwards to put down one of the bleeders, and James, who had now brought out Beast, put down 2 more, but this was not enough to stop Evan sneaking through for an ousting Govern & Conditioning and a second VP. James, however, soon put down the reamining minion, and was quickly able to oust Evan for the last 2 VPs.

So James is still unbeaten in the league, and our revenge schemes need more work.