Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vignettes from the road trip

So, with Hodgestar and Confluence, I did the overly complex road trip to the Festival and ICON.

Various notes:
  • Agreeing to the trip isn't helping my "I'm not that crazy" case.
  • Remembering to wait for all the passengers to get into the car before driving off is a good thing - I should do it more often.
  • 5 shows a day is about my limit
  • Considering I saw 21 shows, there were very few duds.
  • Getting laundry done in Grahamstown sounded a lot simpler before we tried it.
  • We were unduly picked on by the various bicycle races and related traffic
  • There are far too many heavy vehicles on our roads
  • The roadworks don't help the "driving in Gauteng" experience in any way whatsoever
  • The lack of correspondence between the warning signs and the actual state of the road may have contributed to this.
  • LARP combat sucks when trying to do a sneak attack
  • Explaining VTES is hard enough without loud background noise
  • Email piles up surprisingly fast when I'm not checking it regularly
photos from the trip here.