Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Webcomic discovery

Websnark has recently started writing about webcomics again, which introduced me to the most promising Skin Horse, Shaenon "Narbonic" Garrity's new strip, which I somehow managed to completely miss beforehand.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dragonfire 2008 summary

I wasn't involved in either of the LARPs, although I did help play-test one of then the week before, which was quite fun, if a little rough around the edges at the first running.

The Saturday was taken up by the Vampire tournament. I tried my Malkavian deck again, but in neitehr game was I able to secure a VP. The first game tone got set by the early appearance of Smiling Jack for my predator, which meant I wasted time going backwards, which the deck is not good at, and was unable to put pressure on my Imbued prey, and that allowed him to build up, and successfully sweep the table.

The second game, I had an Ahrimane wall deck as my prey - I almost successfully ousted him, but a cross-table direct intervention against one of my stealth cards meant that my lunge was blocked, which pretty much left me dead in the water.

In between, we did mange most of a social game, where I played my !Nossie deck, which did a lot better, successfully ousting my prey with a well timed Fame, and beating up my predator a great deal (who twice bled we for 5, so I had to, although it did leave him dead in the water for the weenie gun deck beyond to bleed through).

Sunday I played the two modules.

The first, a Call of Cthulu module, was quite fun, but, with the way the DM's dice where working, we had little chance of surviving the module (only 1 of the 3 groups plaing the module had players alive at the end, so we didn't feel too bad about that).

The second was a DnD 4th ed module. Our group ended up being the slowest by quite some distance - the unfamilarity with the rules did play a role in that, but largely it was they way the group approached the game and the roles. Still, good fun was had by all, and we did eventually beat the big bad glowly vampire boss at the end (although, our DM (Simon), to speed things along, did have the big bad come meet us halfway).

Overall, the con was most enjoyable. Unfortunately, I came done with some sort of bug towards the end, so had to skip the after party.

This yar did suffer a bit from late announcements - the module descriptions weren't up until quite close to the start of the con and the unexpected venue change (although not something in the control of the organisers) wasn't ideal. On the other hand, the mugs were available during the con, so that was good.