Monday, June 18, 2007

End of my current car Troubles (hopefully)

My car finally seems to be back in operational condition, due to a badly leaking water pump, leaving the engine running dangerously hot after only a few minutes. Since, based on my email records, the water pump collapsed on the 1st of Feb, this has been an extremely long and drawn out saga.

The major difficultly seems to be how ridiculously hard it is to get parts for remotely old cars in the western cape. Growing up in the Free State, where it is common to keep cars running for yonks, this catches me off guard every time. That I ended up having to get a water pump couriered down from Bloemfontein to eventually get things solved indicates just how strange the problem is. Still, the replacement pump seems to be working fine, so hopefully all will be well for a while.

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