Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cape Town VTEs League, game 6

I already posted a brief report to the mailling list, but felt like reporting on my game in a bit more depth,

The game setup was Me, with my Orlando mob-rule deck, bleeding Mark (Brujah something) bleeding Nick (Aus / Tha / For shennigans with Saulot) bleeding James (!Nos group 2) bleeding Marc (Torrance Circle BB) bleeding Ruan (Gangrel with dominate).

I had a decent start, with an early secure haven on Orlando, an early Rutor's and the Hungry Coyote for bloat, which was needed with dominate upstream. Fortuantely for me, Ruan didn't get off to the fastest start, but was soon putting steady pressure on me, with bleeds for 2 and 3, and form of mist to stealth past blockers. James found himself in an awkward position early, unable to deal with Nick's "Dawn Op / Weather Control" combo, and thus needing to spend actions rescuing vampires, and unable to put pressure on Marc, who used the free ride to tool up nicely, and, with the help of an early blood doll and a couple of Unwholesome bonds, was soon up to 4 minions out with a very healthy pool buffer. Ruan built up to 3 minions, and gradually whittled down my pool.

Mark brought out Count Germaine, and then attempted to Arson the Secure Haven [1], but was firmly told no via an Obedience, before bringing out a 9-cap as a second minion. I bounced a bleed which forced Mark to tap out, and then was able to pull off a lunge to oust him in my next turn (voting and bleeding with Orlando for 8 pool damage, and then finishing t off with a Kine). The table stabilised for a while at 5 players - Marc gradually whittling down Ruan's pool and Ruan whittling down mine somewhat faster via bleeds and bounces. I was struggling to get actions though against Nick's intercept, not helped by the lack of votes, but was able to bounce enough bleeds to keep afloat. I managed to get up to 3 minions, and, with Orlando's vote doubling, 8 static votes, but with 9 other votes on the table, I didn't have the vote lock. James rushed both backwards and cross table, which also did interesting things to the table dynamics. I'd whittled Nick down to 3 pool, but my attempt to oust him via a Kine was foiled by the rest of the table. Ruan however eventually ran out of bounce [2] and blockers and was ousted, and the changed vote dynamics with the removal of Ruan's prince allowed me to oust Nick. At this point, however, both James and Marc had enough static intercept to shut down my votes, and, although a Giant's Blood / Minion Tap combo delayed things, I fell to the blood brothers bleed. Annoyingly, my two stealth locations were both right at the bottom of my deck.

James was always struggling in the end game, as the battle with Nick had left him with not much pool or blood on his minions, and was not able to put down enough of Marc's minions in time. MArc did run out of library at the end, and was starting to lose the combats, but James just couldn't quite scrape up enough untap to stop all the bleeds.

The Orlando deck is starting to work. I'm still unhappy with the combat module, which needs to walk the fine line between being effective in the Cape Town environment and not getting in the way of ousting people. I should also try to find space for a few telepathic vote countings, for that extra occasional vote push.

[1] IIRC, this was the only action Mark attempted the entire game.

[2] I bounced a bleed back onto him to accelerate this, since I needed the breathing space.