Friday, September 12, 2008

Whale watching

After the Monkey town visit, and related activities, Simon, Adrianna, Andrea & myself went through to Hermanus, with the aim of Whale watching on Sunday. Saturday evening involved a game of scrabble where I had a statistically rather unlikely run of low point letters (although I did have one nice score from adding FIG to Simon's OX), which I am blaming for my defeat (regardless of the evidence).

Sunday morning was spent more successfully whale watching (photos). Photographing whales is always a bit awkward - unless they actually do something, you tend have photographs that look like large logs floating in the water. Fortunately, the whales were quite active, and we even saw one jumping very close to the shore.

This was followed by lunch at "Coffee on the Rocks", a very pleasant little restaurant in De Kelders, with some really nice views of the bay.

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