Friday, September 12, 2008

Monkey Town

Last Saturday, I joined the party visiting Monkey Town to celebrate belately celebrate Simon's birthday. Having often seen the sign on the way out on the N2, and considering how close it is too me, visiting Monkey Town has been long overdue.

The visit more than lived up to expectations, it's a very nicely laid out facility (photos). The central part is essentially one large cage, with covered passageways for the vistors, and then a large number of cages off to the side. Favourites include the mongoose lemurs, the ruffed lemurs and the cottontop tamarins. Photographing the monkeys is made complicated by the fences, and the bright sunny day meant that most pictures are against a bright background, so I have a number of "almost good" pictures. I should have used the flash more to compensate for the back lighting, which is something to remember next time (And there will be a next time).

Lunch was at the Harbour Island, which I hadn't previously been to. Pretty little venue, and worth baring in mind when the occasion arises. This was followed by losing time in the Gordon's Bay bookshop - I picked up a copy of some of Gilbert and Sullivan's operas, and a few other odds and ends,

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