Monday, October 22, 2007


So, on Friday I was up way too late (4 am in the morning), because of a game Zombies!!!, which I nearly, but not quite, won (I rolled a 4, when I needed a 5). Although, given the way my rolling had gone, it was required some late good fortune to get me that close to winning.

Some observations to come out of the session.

  • Rolling three successive rolls below 4 when on the the Town Square, and a "no bullets may be used effect" is in play really sucks.
  • The extra cards from the guts counters added by the university expansion really changes the balance for events. It's much more likely you'll have a useful event in hand, and thus more events are changed
  • The mall expansion, being much more compact, and with the ease of moving between shops provided by the airducts, is significantly unbalanced when compared to the the town and university. We should never have allowed Kevin to camp in the mall as we did.
  • When trailing badly on Zombies, the fact that the trailing player can place the Helipad makes wandering away from everyone else a viable approach, as you can place the Helipad near yourself. As other players aren't around though, you do have to deal with all the Zombies nearby alone, which can suck badly.
  • Having different expansions running, with different possible Helipad locations, makes this less viable, though.
  • Zombies!!! remains a seriously cool concept, and, if shipping weren't so bloody expensive, I'd be buying it
  • I should have brought Jonathon Coulton's Re: Your Brains to be played at some point during the game
In other zombie related news, Fluxx now has a Zombie version (want (really, really want)).

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