Sunday, October 7, 2007


So, this Saturday was the 6th CTPUG meeting. We had a reasonable turnout, and the talks seemed to go down well. The python on the S60 has me thinking that, when my current cellphone contract is up for renewal, I need to get me something that can run python (not because I really have any great use for python on a phone, being someone who still mainly uses a cellphone for talking to people, but it'll generally be a cool think to have).

The pylons talk was interesting for me from a underlying technology point of view. I'm not nearly involved enough in web stuff to be that concerned about the differences between the frameworks, but the WSGI stuff is something that looks worth getting acquainted with.

After the talk, a bunch of us eventually ended up a Pancho's for supper. Pancho's serve impressively sized potions, which is just as well, as I needed the food to balance out the margarita's I had. Pleasant enough way to spent the time, be carefully picking my way back along the N2.

CTPUG 7 is scheduled for the 17th of November, which will almost certainly be the last one for 2007.

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