Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 2011 Tournament (Final)

The shape of the final was changed fairly dramatically when Yancke pulled out, and Simon stepped in, which bumped me up to seating 4th.

The final seating was me (OBF/pre swarm) starting, bleeding Simon (5/6 Baali with the Horder) bleeding Richard (Gargoyle wall with Smiling Jack) bleeding Marc (Lasombra Anarchs) bleeding Brendan (Ahrimane wall'ish bleed and top seed).

I didn't have an ideal crypt draw, but my opening hand had two Effective Managements, so that wasn't actually an issue, and I was soon up and running with both Renenet and Herbert Westin in play, and was able to steadily bleed Simon. Simon was able to put a fair amount of pressure on Richard, while Marc, without the stealth to get through Brendan, gradually brought out more minions without much pressure. Brendan was bleeding me for the odd one or two, but wasn't setup enough to bother me in the early game.

The table ended up sitting up quite nicely for me, and my deck flowed really nicely in the early part of the game - with the aid of the Baali's infernal cost, I was able to oust Simon quite quickly, and then, thanks to some fortuitous stealth top-decking, and the increased hand size from The Bitter & Sweet Story, I was able to stealth over Richard often enough to oust him (Most memorably requiring 5 stealth cards to land one bleed, thanks to two cards being canceled). Marc didn't have the intercept to trouble me, although he did bounce a few bleeds, and I duly ousted him for my 3rd VP. At this point, though, I had burnt through a lot of my deck, and didn't have enough stealth left to get through Brendan, eventually decking myself, and, as he was soon setup with extra bleed options, I duly fell to the Ahrimanes. Still, I'll happily take a 3 VP final GW.

The events module for the deck doesn't flow as I hoped - I eventually did get The Rising down, but only after I had gone through most of my deck, and thus it didn't impact on the game at all. The PRE/OBF bleed module worked wonderfully well, though, and the lack of rush on the table made my life a lot easier.

After the final, we played a quick social game - I tried the Baali vote deck again. Although I did land one Reckless Agitation, I didn't get the combat cards I needed to survive against the rush from James' Assamites, who were my prey, and was not able to keep enough minions up to get votes passed with the other titles on the table, and so was ousted fairly quickly. The deck probably needs a bit more of a defensive bloat module so it can build up it's position a bit, and then lunge rather than it's current build, which tends to start a bit fast and attract table hate it can't really deal with.

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