Friday, April 1, 2011

Failing to learn from history again

Learning from history is often hard - without the perfect vision of hindsight, it's easy to overlook the similarities of your current situation with past experience. This isn't at all comforting when one recognised the similarities and dismissed them with "This time, it will be different".

I often write "throw away" code - usually to isolate some specific code path or test some specific case that's currently interesting from the larger system. As the code's initial life expentancy is quite short, I often don't bother with niceties like proper argument parsing or decent error handling. In theory, the technical debt from this never be a problem, just write a little wrapper program, learn what you need, and throw it away.

The scare quotes and "initial life expectancy" phrasing should immediately identify my problem, though. If I didn't but the code in the VCS, the theory might work, but, once the code is there, it's never going to be thrown away, and, since it exists, in a day or a week or a month or something, I'll need something similar, and it's easy enough to just quickly add an option and make the throw script do a little more, and, since it's still just a throw away script, there's still no need to do proper error handling or argument parsing. And, of course, the moment a couple of the command line options become enshrined in a test script or two, the effort required to actually fix things never seems worthwhile, despite the increasingly convoluted "simple quick code" handling things.

Given that I've trodden this path several times before, this week's effort of going from 100 lines of C requiring a single filename to two 250-line interlocked programs, each with complex combinations of options and error handling from the oblivious school (the actual important code of each program is still less than 100 lines each), via a steady stream of "I'll quickly add this", is one of my more impressive examples of failing to heed lessons from the past. Next week, I'll probably spend some time fixing things, although there's still that ever so seductive "it's just one last option and then you can throw it away" voice to deal with.

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