Monday, March 2, 2009

Today's social

With the benefit of sharing the table with James in all the games, despite the cut-off being moved to 11, I managed to get in 4 and bit games in between arriving at just past 7 and the deadline, which is pretty good going. In addition, I managed to sweep all 4 games that completed, although, in a least a couple of the games, a more aggressive predator would have probably ousted me.

I played two and a bit games with the modified anarch vote deck. It still feels like it has too many moving parts, but the dropping the Veiled Sight's for Forgotten Labyrinth's and some Lost in Crowds makes a big difference to the deck. The Groundfighting are also a useful option, since it an additional option in combat, and remembering that one can Crimethinc in the middle of a vote is very useful for the Revolutionary Council. A serious vote deck will still lock this deck down, and a fast stealth bleed deck will almost surely toast it, and a bad library draw will screw me over, but that's true of many decks. Still, it is quite fun when I manage to pull off the RC.

I also played two games with the Settite Serpentis bleed deck. The addition of the Path's certainly helps that deck. Being able to bleed for 4 at +1 stealth for 1 blood with inferior Serpentis is pretty scary, and the small minions means the deck can move forward fairly quickly. The lack of PRE is a bit of a problem for the S:CE, but the deck is fairly effecient. A good POT combat deck will toast it (I was lucky in one game that Mark didn't draw any of his Immortal Grapples), and bleed bounce will also hurt the deck, but it's been surprisingly effective so far.

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