Saturday, June 21, 2008

Python Sprint Day Take 2

In terms of overall productivity, this was less successful than the first. Partly the break for the talks ate up a lot of time, so getting momentum was a lot harder, and also, with the recent beta release, the number of clear issues was much reduced. The checkin that broke floatobject for some of us didn't help either, as people got side tracked into getting working python 2.6 builds.

Still, we prodded a couple of issues from the last bug day, and a couple of new bugs were filed about odd bits in the code (mainly by Simon), so there was some positive progress.

The CTPUG meeting part of the day was a definite success. The localisation talk took some time to get going, and it would have been nice if Dwayne had been able to stay longer so that we could have explored some of the discussion avenues a bit further. Simon's PyObject talk was interesting, especially touching on some of the differences between py3k and the python 2.X series.

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Simon said...

Woot. I merited an "interesting". :)