Friday, February 15, 2008


I'm usually fairly upbeat about humanity. I generally believe that most people are pretty decent, and so forth, despite the, at times, overwhelming evidence to the contrary. On days when I have to be early, though, this tends to be much less true.

While part of this is due to my just not being an early morning person, and the consequent bad mood that puts me in, much of the blame is due to having to deal with early morning traffic. The selfishness, lack of forethought, general stubbornness and sheer stupidity to be seen in a few minutes of driving is enough to severely strain my tolerance.

Of course, this raises all sorts of questions: Is driving merely well suited to bringing out the worst in people? Are people always like this, and I just don't notice most of the time? Is it just because I'm really irritable at that time of the morning (and usually running late)? All of them?

Probably the only firm conclusion that can be drawn is I really do need to work harder at avoiding early mornings.

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