Monday, January 14, 2008

Hermanus Hike

Over the weekend, I went hiking with Simon, Adrianna and Simon's Mom Pat in the Vogelgat Nature reverse near Hermanus. Overall, a most enjoyable weekend (hopfully I'll have the photos up by the weekend (edit: now up at my dip site). Observations from the experience
  • I'm no longer hiking fit. Since was never an issue when I worked at UCT, I blame the lack of hills in iThemba LABS buildings.
  • Guy's Pool was worth the hike, though.
  • It's a very pretty nature reverse
  • I'm probably overly addicted to trying to construct Panoramas at the moment.
  • Consequently, I could use a larger memory card for my camera
  • Being far from it makes me realise just how much a fan of indoor plumbing I am.
  • I need to find a tame botanist to drag along on such trips. Identifying things as "pretty flower" lacks accuracy but I don't want to invest the effort into learning how to identify plants personally.
  • The people who made the paths did a truly impressive amount of work.
  • They weren't kidding about the slippery rocks, either.
  • Hopefully, my next water bottle won't have the cap disintegrate mid-hike.
  • Weather changes fast on mountains (I knew this, but it was a reminder)
  • Next time, I'll take a Bookcrossings book to leave at the hut.
  • There will be a next time, if for no other reason than I couldn't get good photos of the Main falls because of rain on the Sunday.
  • The wind on the way back from Hermanus was impressive - the rainbow was pretty.

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