Friday, November 30, 2007

PRASA 2007

So, I went to PRASA in Pietermartizburg, and successfully returned. Overall, good conference.

An unsorted list of thingies.
  • The N3 to Pietermartizburg sucks. It would suck less, but probably still suck if they weren't doing construction
  • Where do all the lorries on the N3 come from?
  • Durban drivers are impolite and insane. I'm not quite sure how I managed to avoid getting the rent-a-car dinged.
  • Natal thunderstorms are impressive.
  • This is true even when the second storm of the conference is delaying takeoff
  • Photographing birds in lush vegetation is really hard
  • I'm no longer anonymous enough to avoid being roped into chairing sessions. This is both kinda cool, and really annoying
  • I failed my 'avoid involvement' roll, so I'm not going to be able to avoid being involved in the organisation of PRASA 2008
  • Both my students spoke well. I'm more relieved about this than I expected.
  • Students have a bad influence on my drinking habits
  • I'm not really complaining about the above
  • 'Did an engine fall off' as become a over-used standard joke
  • Durban airport is pleasant, but doesn't have enough through the security checkpoint

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