Saturday, July 28, 2007

YA GeekDinner

So, another GeekDinner come and gone. Fairly good, but not perfect.

So, the bad:
  • Layout of the venue. I ended up at a table near one of the screens, and had to peer round corners to see anything. Fortunately most of the talks didn't use slides, so that wasn't too much of an issue, but was an annoyance
  • The acoustics (do restaurant's not realise people might ant to talk to each other?)
  • V & A and it's parking lots. Especially since the recent rainy weather meant I was in the car, dealing with the driving of people around the V & A area was not fun.
The good:
  • The food was pretty good (although service was a bit slow at times)
  • The wine (again sponsored by (who have stupid captilisation)
  • The speakers
Speaking of the speakers:
  • Dave's talk on the Scarborough mesh didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, having been to the clug talk, and seeing other people comment to progress since then, but it's still an impressive project.
  • I personally didn't get much out of either Ian Gilfillan's talk on writing a technical book, or the talk on peering, although a comment at the end of the latter talk on the intention to lay a lot of fiber in the cape town area could have interesting consequences.
  • GETWINE's talk was interesting on some the issues with the running such a business
  • The last talk, on behaviour-based testing, was fairly interesting, but not immediately applicable to much of my current work. Goes on the list of stuff to remember to look at some time.
Photos (such as they are) here

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